Client: Sadie Williams
Producer: James Mc laughlin  
Stylist: Peghah Maleknejad & Sadie Williams
 Make Up: Lucy Bridge
Hair: Paula McCash  
Production: Rockhound  
Edit: Louise Robinson | Work Editorial
Grade: Mark Horrobin | Smoke & Mirrors
Sound: Dylan Van Der Molen  



The film is about beauty in the wilderness. I wanted to embody Sadie's unique aesthetic, juxtaposing modern femininity and craftsmenship with a tomboyish sensibility. 

The collection was inspired by the eccentric world of youth group, The Kibbo Kift. The Kibbo Kift were an extraordinary mixture of the archaic and the hyper-modern who championed creativity and world peace. Whilst political ideals where at the heart of the Kibbo Kift , visuals for the film drew from the groups resourceful roots and the more playful nature present in their old photographs. It's about bold and tribal stances, the textiles interaction with nature and the collection in harmony with the surroundings. The idea was to create a Sadie Williams styled storybook. The tale of the clothes and the spirit of the woman they represent. A feast of shape, colour and texture with a feral sense of energy.