Client: New Day

Creative: Amy Becker - Burnett

VFX: Jon Foskett & Nicolas Destefanis 

Sound Design: Scott Little 



The concept behind this TVC was to translate the message that an Opus Card can keep you moving. The client wanted an advert to tell customers that an Opus card will keep you ticking over until the end of month, and can help out in a situation where only cash will do. The creative employed to illustrate this message was to use the Opus hoop logo which effortlessly rolls round a branded environment. The world was designed to feel bold, graphic and minimal. I wanted the aesthetic to play with the viewers perception of a fantasy versus reality world. The realism came from the 3D quality and realistic nature of the objects whilst clever transitions and set design blurs the lines of what feels real or computer generated.  Texture was really important when developing the spot. Each surface was modelled to feel like a specific material, the idea was that it felt like a miniature set. Whilst we used one colour for the palette, depth was created through the tactile quality of the CG. I always value the craft and hand made element and in order to achieve the right results, I experimented with creating mini set's during the process. Spray painting various objects and materials then photographing them to use as direct references for the final build played an important part in achieving the look of the final ad.