Client: Merck
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness  
Producer: James Mc Laughlin
 DOP: Joe Douglas
Edit: Oliver Burn  
Grade: Mark Horrobin
Sound: Scott Little



This film serves to not only showcase Merck Products but to celebrate the people that work closely with them and are at the centre of embryological development. I wanted to show how ground breaking technology effects the unsung hero, the embryologist. 

The concept was to metaphorically replicate the heartbeat of new life to the heartbeat of the job. I wanted to juxtapose the pulse of life with the pulse of the daily demands of their day. The piece followed a diegetic sound scape where the noises of the visuals formed the soundtrack of the story. These sounds replicated the rhythm of a heartbeat which reaches full clarity as it's left in isolation at the end. The macro shots keep us close to the process, emphasising the intricacy of each stage.

 The technology is prevalent but it’s the people, the emotions and the fragility of life that is at the core. It was therefore important to represent the human element and also the presence of nature. Metaphors for new life, such as the blooming flower and close shot's of the embryologists intense concentration alongside lab imagery show science and humanity in sync. 

Whilst nature fails some, new scientific advancements can work alongside biology to create amazing results. The film ends with the switch of the light followed by a baby's heart beat, the end of the embryologists day, but the start of new life.