Client: Caitlin Price
Producer: Amy Becker-Burnett
Art Direction: Joseph Bond
Production Company: Rockhound
Edit: Elyse Raphael | Final Cut
Grade: Ruth Wardell | Electric Theatre Collective
Flame: Rory Whittle | Smoke & Mirrors


ThIs Film was created as part of a presentation for designer Caitlin Price's SS18 collection for LFW 2017. The film was made as a textural piece which slowly explores the garments as if you where journeying around a beautifully layered landscape painting. 

This body conscious film focuses on macro shots of the garments relationship with the female form and draws inspiration from the erotic nature of Georgia O'Keeffe's flower studies. Whilst instinctively soft and romantic we wanted the abstract framing and ambiguous shapes to feel poetic yet awkward. 

The slow, melodic pace and sculptural composition of the fabric was employed to capture a sense of opulence and drama whilst the intimate close up's of flesh convey an imposing fragility.